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Laws And Regulations

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Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations

The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989:
A quick guide to which colour light you require:

Blue Lights

  • Flashing from an emergency vehicle
  • Flashing or constant from a police vehicle

Green Lights

  • Doctor’s car

White Lights

  • Reversing lights
  • Work lamps
Amber Lights
  • Any vehicle’s indicators
  • Amber pedal reflectors or pedal lights 
  • Reflected from a registration plate
  • Reflected from a road clearance vehicle
  • Reflected from a vehicle carrying dangerous substances
  • Reflected on some old or heavy vehicles 
Flashing amber lights on :
  • Road clearance vehicle
  • Bin lorry
  • Breakdown vehicle
  • Vehicle with a 25 mph top speed
  • Vehicle wider than 2.9 metres
  • Roadworks vehicle
  • Escort vehicle
  • Revenue and Customs vehicle
  • Surveying vehicle
  • Clamping or tow truck vehicle
  • Airport vehicles
  • Any other specially authorised vehicle

  • Any flashing warning beacon that rotates must be mounted 1.2 meters above the ground.


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